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WKIE Arlington Heights, WKIF Kankakee, WDEK DeKalb.



Big City Radio brought us "The New 92.7 KISS-FM" when they bought WCBR Arlington Heights & WLRT Kankakee, both on 92.7fm, in November 1998. Then in summer of 1999 they bought WDEK DeKalb, rebranding "The New 92 KISS FM."

Considering their signal challenges (WKIE was a Super Class A, WKIF was a Class A and WDEK was a Class B) they presented a TRUE CHR approach and had decent target 18-34 numbers, proving to be a thorn in Rhythmic CHR B96, WBBM-FM's side. 92 KISS FM was a straight ahead personality driven mainstream CHR lodged between WTMX & WBBM-FM. With Chris Shebel at the helm, it had a LOT of WLS-AM's old school heritage in its presentation.

Jan 26, 2001 marked the end of 92KISS-FM, becoming Dance HIts Energy 927&5, as Clear Channel which owns the rights to the "KISS" moniker flipped Jammin Oldies 103.5 WUBT, to WKSC-FM as a mostly automated CHR jukebox and served a "cease & desist" to BCR on the use of the KISS moniker.

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