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President Pedro
President CMC Photo

President Pedro Podcast (Not related to "Vote for Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite), is our fearless leader. He loves to pass along our goals and objectives via Podcasts, but shys away from video conferences. Must be a former Disk Jockey. Especially since he is a fan of Ernie Anderson and Casey Kasem!



Froggie - Admin
Site Admin Froggie Photo

This Toad is the youngest of the bunch, but he is a cool cat, and our Site Admin. Soon to weigh in at 100 posts read per minute and a brain like a sponge to retain information, he can never grow tired of all the media talk on! His Satellite likings are obvious by his portable Sirius Satellite and PocketDish always being on and keeping him entertained in this electronic day and age.



Miss Boardie - Our Hottie Moderator
Miss Baordie Our Hottie Moderator Photo

Every board needs a beautiful girl to get the boys motivated and keep them in line. Shorty is her nickname, but she makes it up by being quick witted. She does a mean moderation in moderation of course. In between Chicago Media Chat she is either leafing through the Chicago RedEye newspaper or and eyeballing the latest trends and charts. She can never get enough Madonna, rejoiced over the Spice Girls reuniting but yet still loves John Bon Jovi!



Leo - Moderator
Moderator Leo Photo

Leapin' Leo is his name, moderating is his game. Soft spoken, but prompt, assertive and well versed. He got the name Leapin' being everywhere at once on the Chicago Media Chat forums. You can be assured, where Leo is at, there is always a local newspaper or magazine close by, an iPod (alternating between Nickelback and Prince) and his Mac ProBook in one hand, he is always tuned in to Chicago Media Chat with both eyes. In the other hand he has a portable 2 Meter Ham Radio & scanner which keeps his mouth moving while "ragchewing"! We think he has a special affection for TV and Radio Station memorabilia too. The tip off might be all the bumper stickers and classic music surveys on his bedroom wall.

We also think he has a bigger affection for Miss Boardie our resident hottie moderator, because they were spotted sharing a laptop and lunch together at Panera Bread recently. Stay tuned for details on this!



Chicago Media Chat (Official Mascot) - Topic Facilitator
Official Mascot Photo

Media Mongrel is his name. Well, we are still trying to decide if he is a real dog or a super duper computerized invention, possibly a prototype gone wild for the emerging RFID technology. Regardless he is a fine companion for the Chicago Media Chat staff, and our "Topic Facilitator". He helps out by starting Hot Topic threads so our visitors can contribute their thoughts. Besides that, he loves playing fetch with CD's and even 45 RPM vinyl records and he daydreams of being on a major league baseball team. Explains why he likes listening to Sports Radio. He also is a fan of electronic pop dance music and his favorite song is Atomic Dog by George Clinton.